With every business you always have individual milestones or dreams of doing jobs where you can think to yourself I have made it to where I want to be then reset some new goals, back in 2014 when we rebranded the business Jeremy always would say when we wrap a V8 supercar we will know we have made it and on the way to success. Well this isn’t exactly that but it is the equivalent in Japan, if you know how much we like Japanese cars here at Prowraps and follow JGTC this is a big deal for us.

Team Nulon/DM Motorsports Nissan GT300 Silvia in all its glory, vinyl cut livery in Satin Black and 3M Fluoro Orange Day Glow which was also applied with a mix of vinyl cut and knifeless application techniques. The day glow material is seen here in NSW on our highway patrol fleet so we knew this would stand out, we can’t take all the credit for this vision as this is what DM Motorsports wanted, we were given creative direction and ran with it coming up with what you see before you.